I’m So Sorry Everyone! 🙈

Hi so I just realized that I still haven’t posted my recap from the finale! I’m so sorry about that! I’ll try and upload it later but no guarantees! I feel so bad, but school’s kicked my butt recently! Thank you for your patience and once again I’m so sorry!🙈

Finale Dances!!!

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! In today’s post I’m going to be telling you guys the dances for tonight’s finale! I can’t believe it’s the finale tonight and I’m so sad about it 🥺 I can’t believe I lose Amanda tonight I’m gonna cry I was already emotional 🥺 ugh please vote for Amanda and Alan so they can win (or at least place higher than 4th). I also have to miss the first part of the finale because I made it into nhs and I have to go to the ceremony and it ends at 8 so hopefully I won’t miss much and miss Amanda and Alan 🥺 anyways let’s get into the dances! Also Jimmie and Mel C are performing tonight and theres a opening with all the celebs and a pro dance 🙂

Fusions (I’m so glad they’re bringing fusions back 🥺)

JoJo and Jenna
* Tango and Cha Cha
* “I Love It” by Charli XCX and Icona Pop
* Oooooooo this is an interesting pairing but I think it will end up very good 🙂
* Amandalan and jnation top 2 pretty please 🥺

Iman and Dani
* Cha Cha and Foxtrot
* “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire
* This will be inch resting lol. I don’t know how this will go but he better have good technique

Amanda and Alan
* Paso Doble and Viennese Waltz
* “Never Tear Us Apart” by Bishop Briggs
* Ok so I was like what the heck is this earlier but I’m warming up to the concept
* The song has good Paso and Viennese waltz spots so yeah it’s gonna snap but wbk
* Vote for Amanda and Alan besties!!!

Cody and Cheryl
* Paso Doble and Cha Cha
* Ooooooo I actually like this combination although it could be interesting
* This should be good tho 🙂


JoJo and Jenna
* “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
* Ok this is going to represent JoJo so well I’m very excited for this
* Also this will snap so hard I can’t wait

Iman and Dani
* “Lose Control” by Missy Elliot, Ciara, and Fat Man Scoop and “Bounce” by DJ Clent
* Ok so unpopular opinion but I don’t think I will like this freestyle. It’s literally gonna be all lifts to hide his subpar technique which I very strongly dislike. I hope I’m proven wrong but chances are small that I will…

Amanda and Alan
* “A Sky Full Of Stars” by Coldplay
* Ok so this is gonna make me cry omg
* This needs to have unique choreography o stand out which I bet Alan will have
* Anyways this is gonna snap so hard and I’m so excited and y’all should vote for them!

Cody and Cheryl
* “Beethoven’s Fifth” and “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” by Todrick Hall
* Hmmmmm I’m curious to see how Cheryl will choreograph this freestyle
* It should be good tho 🙂

And those are the dances for the finale tonight. Who are you most excited for? Who do you think will win because I literally have no idea? Vote for Amanda and Alan! Manifest an Amanda and JoJo top 2! Lol, as always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way! I hope you have a great day/night! – Emma 🥺

Semi Finals Recap!!! (Week 9)

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! In today’s post I’m going to be doing a recap of the semi-finals on dwts! Let’s get into the recap!

Opening Number
* I just wanna apologize in advance for the girlie I’m gonna be tonight lmaooooooo
* Also I’m not really gonna watch much bc I’m busy voting
* Omg heart attack time
* Not them ruining savage

Special Performance
* Omg I have this saved on insta let me watch it
* This was a really nice dance and the choreography was good too 🙂

Note: I won’t be touching on the packages in most performances bc I probably won’t be able to find them online 🙂

Redemption Dances

Cody and Cheryl
* Salsa
* Mentor: Bruno
* Omg my vpn data ran out what am I gonna do
* But I’m restarting my computer so hopefully that works
* Omg they’re ruining Danza Kuduro
* I’m gonna have a heart attack if my votes don’t save
* It’s cute but it feels really slow :/
* I’m so sad that I can’t find a vpn I really wanna cry right now
* 35/40

Melora and Artem
* Rumba
* Mentored by Len
* She looks great but I don’t really like the floral costume
* They did so good!
* I liked the choreography 🙂
* But I think I saw the lift Carrie Ann was talking about although it was hard to tell if her foot really came off
* The 8 from Carrie Ann is whack tho
* 36/40

Suni and Sasha
* Foxtrot
* She looks so pretty
* I love her dress so much omg
* Choreography is very basic but not that bad lmaoooo
* I’m glad to see her using her face more 🙂
* She danced that very well 🙂
* 37/40

JoJo and Jenna
* Argentine Tango
* I’m surprised that they went so sexy I guess would be the right word for the costumes since JoJo is only 18 lol
* I like the bit on the chair at the beginning
* That straddle leap/lift tho……….
* Very precise
* Very well deserved perfect score!
* 40/40

Iman and Daniella
* Tango
* Danis stunning omg
* He looks kinda hunched over which is understandable considering the major height difference lol
* It feels more like an Argentine tango
* Not my fav but it was still pretty good
* 37/40

Amanda and Alan
* Tango
* Mentor: Len
* Omg let me stop voting watch my babies
* I’m gonna freaking lee my pants omg
* They’re stunning
* Her hair is beautiful in this dance
* I love them
* I’m gonna have a heart attack later omg
* She’s wearing nick’s flannel I’m gonna sob
* Wait did y’all see the pics of Len smoking
* Periodt Len
* What is Alan wearing 😭
* King and queen
* The body contact tho
* Legends only
* Lift omg I’m gonna puke
* Hopefully cai didn’t see it
* Im scared omg
* Periodt Bruno
* Frick cai
* Probably Alan lmaoooooooooo
* 39/40
* Frick you Carrie Ann
* Forgot to add but THEY WERE AMAZING
* But there was a lift so I expected it to get called but I’m still salty lmaooooooo I’m crazy
* Her facials are so good tho

New Dances

Melora and Artem
* Contemporary
* All of the ladies are doing contemporary lol
* But she always gets guests lol 😵‍💫
* But that’s so cute 🥺
* The song did not do the dance any favors
* Also Artem’s choreography did not go with the song and I didn’t really care for it
* With a song like this you need hard hitting choreography but I saw none of that :/
* She danced really well tho
* 36/40
* I thought it would be all 10s from the way the judges were talking lol

Cody and Cheryl
* Argentine Tango
* Jeez I’m gonna have to watch almost all of the dances later 😭
* That beginning pose tho
* I don’t like Cheryl’s hair in this dance lol
* This seems really slow but maybe that’s just me
* The choreography is cute but it’s not my fav dance
* 36/40

Suni and Sasha
* Contemporary
* Eye have a feeling I’m gonna cry at this dance like I’m ready to sob at Amanda’s dance
* We love you Suni 🙂
* Her dress looks like our show choir’s dress from 2019 lol
* It’s such a pretty dress tho
* She did so well omg
* Her best dance yet 🥺
* She would’ve snapped with Alan or Artem but I wouldn’t want Amanda with anyone else 😭
* 39/40

Jojo and Jenna
* Contemporary
* Let me take a break from voting and watch her
* My tissues are ready
* Omg JoJo I’m so sorry sweet girl
* And her grandma I’m gonna cry
* Her other grandmother passed and I cried when that was on dance moms
* I’m crying omg
* They look so good
* Carrie Ann’s prolly crying tew
* Me tew Derek
* Wait really Derek….. I’d have to think about that but it was so freaking good
* I can’t wait to cry at Amanda’s dance
* 40/40
* As they deserve

Iman and Dani
* Jazz
* I wanna make more voting accounts but I’m so nervous idk if I can
* That seemed really short
* There are too many lifts for me
* That one bit was out of sync
* Dani is an amazing choreographer but I hate how the jazz and contemporary were all lifts :/
* 38/40
* My sister is nawt happy about the scores

Amanda and Alan
* Contemporary
* I’m so scared but I can’t wait to sob so hard
* Alan’s gonna cry, Amanda’s gonna cry, Carrie Ann’s gonna cry, WE’RE ALL GONNA CRY
* They’re stunning
* I’m gonna cry omg I already wanna cry and I like never cry at dances
* I’m gonna freaking sob omg
* She’s so sad it’s precious
* I’m gonna cry omg
* Alan omg I love him
* Im crying now
* She’s already crying me too baby
* They’re crying and that’s a mood
* And so is Derek I can’t
* It truly hasn’t set in yet
* Jenna thats me
* How is Carrie Ann not sobbing yet
* Len don’t ruin it for me
* Thank gosh he likes it
* Im shaking omg
* My whole heart I literally cannot emotionally handle this
* Sasha’s not crying what’s wrong with him
* 40/40
* I’m shaking so bad
* Nick was with her every step of the way and he’s gonna be with her tonight
* I’m watching this dance again I can’t wait to sob

Elimination Waiting Time:
* I’m gonna have a freaking heart attack
* I’m shaking so bad
* I’m gonna pee my pants and throw up
* Screaming crying throwing up
* My heart is racing
* Yay!
* Knew it
* I’m so scared
* I knew it
* Screaming crying throwing up

Bottom 3: Amanda, Suni, and Melora
* No I’m gonna jump off of a bridge
* Frick the producers for making Amanda go last
* These girlies don’t deserve to be in the bottom tho 🙁

First Eliminated Couple: Melora and Artem
* I figured they would go but she should be there over Iman and Cody

Bottom 2: Amanda and Suni
* I’m shaking so bad I’m gonna throw up
* Please save Amanda or else I’m not watching this show anymore (I like Suni Amanda is the better dancer tho)
* Carrie Ann: Amanda
* Len: Amanda by default but he would’ve saved Amanda too
* Derek: Amanda
* Bruno: Amanda

Second Eliminated Couple: Suni and Sasha

Overall Thoughts
* I was too busy voting to watch omg now I’ve gotta watch all of the dances 😭
* Amanda and Alan didn’t deserve to be in the bottom and I’m so mad
* Also the judges were all over the place lol. Like they endlessly praise Melora and Artem yet only gave them 9s and CAI only gave them an 8 which was whack
* Iman and Cody don’t deserve to be in the finals dance wise. Like they both do so well energy wise and they have big fan bases but I don’t think in a perfect world they should be in the finals. But that’s just me. And it’s not like I dislike both of them, I like them, it’s just yeah. But I’d still be pretty happy if either of them won (we’re manifesting an Amanda win tho)
* All I want is an amandalan and jnation top 2 please and thank you
* Oh and Derek has covid 🙁 so I’m not sure if he will virtually judge and what’s happening with the other judges. They are/were in quarantine (according to Carrie Ann) so idk what will happen Monday
* Vote for Amanda and Alan Monday

And that’s the recap and my thoughts on the semi-finals! Who were your favorites tonight? What do you think of the finalists? Are you excited for the finals? Be sure to let me know in the comments! As always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way! I hope you have a great day/night! – Emma

Semi-Finals Dances!!!

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be the dances for tonight’s semi finals! I’m like super nervous for the show so I need yall to do me a big favor and vote for Amanda and Alan please and thank you! (Text Amanda to 21523 ten times and vote online at dwtsvote.abc.com). Tonight the couples will be doing a redemption dance and then a new dance, which over half of them are contemporaries so yeah basically most memorable year night. I’m going to bawl my eyes so fully be prepared for that in the recap lol! There’s also a double elimination so yeahhhhhhhhh be sure to vote! Let’s get into the dances!

Redemption Dances

JoJo and Jenna
* Argentine Tango
* “Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)” by Gotan Project
* Mentored by Len
* Their first Argentine tango wasn’t bad, but I think this one will be really good!
* Also the only thing I remember from their first at was the ugly plaid dresses 😭

Iman and Dani
* Tango
* “Telephone” by Martynas
* Mentored by Derek
* Ummmmmm I literally don’t remember them doing a tango…….. this is why we need less couples!
* But if the frame and technical issues get fixed this should be a good dance

Suni and Sasha
* Foxtrot
* “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Bublé
* Mentored by Carrie Ann
* I vaguely remember this dance but I could not tell you how they did or when they did this lol
* Oh wait this was their Britney week dance that I hated lol
* But if the choreography isn’t bad this should be pretty good

Melora and Artem
* Rumba
* “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole
* Mentored by Len who has the biggest crush on Melora lol
* I think this is a good dance to redo because the first time it was good, but it wasn’t my fav
* But this should be really good!

Amanda and Alan
* Tango
* “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia
* Mentored by Len
* Side note, why is Len mentoring 3 couples 😭
* But their first tango was so good so I’m so excited to watch this!
* They’re gonna freaking kill it and I’m going to sob throughout their dance(s) tonight 🥺🥺🥺

Cody and Cheryl
* Salsa
* “Danza Kuduro” by Don Omar and Lucenzo
* Mentored by Bruno
* Please this is the perfect mentor ship pairing 😭😭😭
* But this is the redo of the infamous rehearsal salsa so yeah this will definitely be a lot better!

New Dances That Are Basically All Contemporary 🙃

JoJo and Jenna
* Contemporary
* “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi
* Please idk if this will be about her and Kylie’s breakup or her grandmother’s passing (I’m leaning towards the latter) but I’m gonna sob through it
* But I can’t wait for this dance it’s gonna be so good!

Iman and Dani
* Jazz
* “Dark Fantasy” by Kanye West
* Ooooooo I bet dani will do a hip hop jazz which will suit Iman very well
* Honestly I think everyone will get a perfect during this round lol

Suni and Sasha
* Contemporary
* “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles
* Please this a perfect lyrical dance (sorry this is my dance competition lover side lol) so I hope Sasha doesn’t put in a lot of lifts and focuses on technique
* But it will technically be very good, she just needs to emote more

Melora and Artem
* Contemporary
* “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons
* Ok this isn’t really a contemporary song but whatever lol
* But I hope Artem comes up with some cool, hard hitting choreography
* It will be really good tho 🙂

Amanda and Alan
* Contemporary
* “Live Your Life – Nick Cordero” by Lenii
* When I tell you I’m going to sob all the way through this dance I really mean it
* Like I’m gonna cry my little eyes out
* But Alan’s gonna tell her story so beautifully and I know he has great choreography coming at us so I can’t wait to sob and I’m so happy Amanda gets to tell her story and dance to Nick’s song
* Please vote for them, they don’t deserve to go home after this beautiful dance

Cody and Cheryl
* Argentine Tango
* “La Cumparsita” by Forever Tango
* Ooooooo I think this will be good hehe
* But he just has to be careful with some technical stuff but it’ll be good 🙂

And those are all of the dances for the semi finals tonight on dwts! Who are you most excited for? Who do you think will make you cry the most? 🙃 I’m personally very excited to cry at Amanda’s dance and JoJo’s dance. But be sure to let me know in the comments. Also please please please vote for Amanda and Alan tonight 🥺 all you have to do is text Amanda to 21523 ten times and vote online at dwtsvote.abc.com 10 times. You can make multiple accounts too! Have your friends and family vote too please! I’d really appreciate it! As always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way! I hope you have a great day/night! – Emma ❤️

Janet Night Recap!!! (Week 8)

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be a recap with my thoughts of Janet night on dwts! Without further ado, let’s get into the recap!

Opening Number
* The votes better save tonight or else
* I’m trying to download a vpn on my computer but it’s not working 🤩
* Yessssssssss britt and Brandon killed it with the choreography
* Wow sharna actually had to dance tonight
* Periodt they slayed
* That’s so cool that Janet is in the ballroom
* Prayer circle that my vpn will download
* Omg it downloaded

Tour Number
* I don’t want Kaitlyn to tour like she’s so boring
* And she’s also doing like all of the shows fml
* Yuck
* Go Britt and Brandon tho 🥰
* They need more girlies for the tour tho :/
* I’ll keep my thoughts to myself

Jimmie and Emma
* Cha Cha
* They’re so cute 🙂
* They have such a great friendship 🥺
* I like the choreography
* There looked to be a few minor issues but it was overall very nice 🙂
* Omg congrats Derek
* 32/40

Suni and Sasha
* Samba
* Yeah that’s crazy omg
* Suni doesn’t deserve him 🙁
* Glad to hear that she’s feeling better
* It was a cute dance but I don’t think it deserved a 40
* 40/40

Melora and Artem
* Paso
* Didn’t skai dance to if last season or was it a different song
* Dang Artem
* Awwww softie Artem
* Oh I thought they were gonna go to commercial
* I like the choreography and they’re killing it
* 40/40

Olivia and Val
* Argentine Tango
* Oh that’s cool lol
* I like her dress
* They did really good
* But the choreography wasn’t my fav lol
* Val omg
* 36/40

Cody and Cheryl
* Paso
* We stan his mom :)❤️
* Awwwwwwww that’s so sad 🥺
* His best dance
* I like the choreography too 🙂
* 38/40
* I agree with the 9s

Amanda and Alan
* Jazz
* They look so freaking hot tonight
* Ugh they’re gonna kill it I just know
* Ok I’ll stop voting to watch them dance now because I’m so excited
* I’m gonna pee my pants omg
* If they don’t get a perfect score I’m gonna jump
* Like seriously I’m gonna cry and scream and fight
* Omg my precious babies
* F the judges
* The judges suck (most of the time)
* Please please please they need to make it or else I’m gonna cry
* That shirt is so ugly Alan
* I love how Alan and all of his partners have little bickering fights like they’re so cute omg
* But Alan gets 2 villain edits I’m gonna hurt the producers
* She looks so pretty omg
* That lift omg
* Derek gets rights hehe
* So does Bruno
* Omg she likes her this week
* Omg Len likes her too
* They’re finally gonna get their perfect
* 40/40

Iman and Dani
* Cha Cha
* No I wanted them to go to break
* Teyana won’t let him flop!
* Omggggggg I would hate that
* Dani slayeddddddd
* Iman did pretty good too 🙂
* Yeah there wasn’t a lot of cha Cha :/
* 35/40
* I think I agree with the 8s :/

JoJo and Jenna
* Salsa
* Please they’re gonna kill this
* But I’m still mad they were in the bottom : (
* The only problem is that they’re all so young 🙁
* Right it’s so sad
* Throw them some votes besties!
* My homophobic brother is being so annoying
* Here len goes 😍
* 39/40
* Deserved a perfect but whatever
* Yuck Kaitlyn

Dance offs

Jimmie vs Suni
* Salsa
* Judged by Bruno
* Suni is not the most technical dancer sorry not sorry
* Jimmie looked so creepy doing that 😭
* Emma imma save you from Sasha bby
* I liked Jimmie and Emma better 🙂
* Put your shirt back on Sasha- my brother
* Winner: Suni and Sasha

JoJo vs Olivia
* Rumba
* Judges by Carrie Ann
* It’s too bad that they both have to learn completely new styles for the dance off
* And they’re both so young
* I liked JoJo and Jenna better 🙂
* Catch me puking 🤩
* Winner: JoJo and Jenna

Iman vs Melora
* Foxtrot
* Judged by Derek
* Omg I knew she couldn’t make it through the night without mentioning Ray chew 🤩
* Yeah Melora and Artem did better lol
* Winner: Melora

Amanda vs Cody
* Cha Cha
* Judged by Len
* Let’s go Amanda and Alan!!!
* I’m so excited for Amanda and Alan!
* I think they’ll bond really well even tho they’re competing lol
* Ok len
* I’m so nervous
* So did Cody 🙂
* My winners were Amanda and Alan hehe 🙂
* Winner: Amanda
* As she should get the bonus points!

Elimination Waiting Time:
* I’m gonna freaking throw up
* My heart is racing I can’t even
* I got over 600 votes for Amanda and Alan in 🙏🏼
* I’m gonna pass out like I’m being dead serious
* My fragile little heart can’t take this omg
* I’m shakinggggggggggg
* Goodbye it’s time
* I’m so scared
* Yay!
* Me thinkies it will be Iman…. My mind hehe

Bottom 3: Melora, Jimmie, and Olivia
* Noooooooooo 🙁

First Eliminated Couple: Olivia and Val
* I predicted it lol
* But she deserved to stay over some of the men left :/

Bottom 2: Melora and Jimmie
* They better save
* Carrie Ann: Melora
* Len: Melora because he loves her so much
* Bruno: Melora
* Derek: Melora

Second Eliminated Couple: Jimmie and Emma
* I thought they would make it farther…….
* I’m sad tho I really liked them 🙁
* Also tyra interrupted his tribute to his grandmother like girl he’s tryna talk, it’s not his fault that you ran out of time

Overall Thoughts
* Pretty good episode
* I’m sad that Jimmie left 🙂
* Vote for Amanda and Alan so that they can make it to the finals! ❤️

And that’s the recap and my thoughts on Janet night on dwts! I’m not gonna lie I very much forgot that I hadn’t posted this so I’m very sorry that this is up so late. But who were your favorites from Janet night? Did you agree with the elimination? Did you agree with the dance off winners? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! As always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way. I hope you have a great day/night! -Emma 🤠

Janet Night Dances!!!

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be the dances for tonight’s Janet Night on dwts! There’s gonna be a double elimination tonight so I NEED YALL TO VOTE FOR AMANDA AND ALAN PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!! I also want JoJo and Jenna to move on but Amanda and Alan are my number one priority! Tonight there are dance offs as well and whew tptb didn’t use their brains to come up with the parings but you’ll see that later. I’m excited for tonight’s opening because Britt and Brandon are choreographing it! It’s gonna be so good I just know it! There’s also a tour number tonight and they’re revealing the first person going on tour. If you don’t wanna know rn, skip to the dances 🙂 but last season’s champion Kaitlyn Bristowe is (reportedly) joining the tour. I’m not happy about this because I don’t care for Kaitlyn and her dancing is boring. I think the main reason I liked her last season was because of Artem, but hey she’s a good dancer and there’s no denying that. Anyways let’s get into the Janet Night Dances!

Jimmie and Emma
* Cha Cha
* “Escapade”
* Oooooo he gets a fast dance
* I wonder how it will go but I think it will be good!

JoJo and Jenna
* Salsa
* “Feedback”
* This will be exciting hehehehehe! They’re gonna do so well!

Iman and Dani
* Cha Cha
* “Rhythm Nation”
* I just know that Teyana won’t let this disappoint 🤭✌🏻
* But besides the technical issues, this should be pretty good and really high energy

Olivia and Val
* Argentine Tango
* “Any Time, Any Place”
* I think this will be very good. Olivia is great at playing a character so I think she will be able to sell the dance well 🙂

Suni and Sasha
* Samba
* “All For You”
* Gosh I feel so bad for Suni. Sasha is horrible and he doesn’t deserve Suni! I hope Suni will feel better mentally and physically but at this point I think it’s best for her to drop out (there were rumors that she was dropping out but nothing has been confirmed)

Melora and Artem
* Paso Doble
* “If”
* This should be a really good dance! 🙂

Amanda and Alan
* Jazz
* Miss You Much”
* Omggggggggggggggg they’re gonna do so freaking good!
* But seriously this will snap I mean the bts clips alone are so good

Cody and Cheryl
* Paso Doble
* “Black Cat”
* I think this dance could go well but I’m not sure. But I think he will bring out the character as always 🙂

Dance Offs

Salsa Dance Off
* Suni vs Jimmie
* Judged by Bruno
* All of the dance offs have clear winners (except 1) so yeah that’s fun
* But I think this will be a good dance off
* I think Suni will win based off of technically but Jimmie off of fun

Rumba Dance Off
* JoJo vs Olivia
* Judged by Carrie Ann
* Here they go giving rumba to the youngest couples with all of the drama surrounding them
* But it isn’t really fair that they both have to learn a new style for the dance off but they’ll probably both do well with it.
* This will be close but I think JoJo will win

Foxtrot Dance Off
* Iman vs Melora
* Judged by Derek
* Yeah I think we all know who’s winning this………

Cha Cha Dance Off
* Amanda vs Cody
* Judged by Len
* Yeah Amanda is gonna eat this relay up ✌🏻 but cody is awesome too 🙂
* But yeah I think Amanda will win

And those are the dances for Janet Night! I’m so sorry this is being put up so late but I had to help a friend with something and it took forever haha. Who are you most excited for? I’m looking forward to Amanda of course! Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below! As always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way! I hope you have a great day/night! – Emma 💕


Queen Night Recap!!! (Week 7) (Trying Live Blogging lol) 👑

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is a recap of Queen Night on dwts! I also tried live blogging this week, so you’ll have to let me know what you think about that. I’m probably won’t live blog every week, but I think I’ll try to do it next week. Anyways, let’s get into the recap!

Opening Number
* It’s 8 let’s go besties
* I’m gonna try live blogging tonight yall! We’ll see how it goes
* Omg they literally post the openings on insta before the dances
* Len’s acting is great tho 😂
* This is your reminder to vote for AMANDA AND ALAN!
* Yasssssssss Britt!

Amanda and Alan
* Jive
* Let’s go besties!!!!
* Manifesting the perfect score that they deserve!!!
* Anyways I’m excited to see the choreography because I loved his jive choreography with Alexis
* I’m excited!!!! Let’s goooooooooooo
* Her costume is cute but I don’t like the middle nude part
* My brother is prolly gonna be so annoying fml
* I hate Alan’s mustache
* I love don’t stop me now omg
* They did a queen dance on dance moms and I wanna see those costumes on here tonight lol
* Her outfit is real cute
* Workout queen!
* Alan needs new shoes yall
* Please they’re gonna kill this!
* Was that a lift omg
* Cai prolly gonna branch fml
* That was so freaking good tho!
* Alan’s choreography was unlike any of his other jive choreography
* I don’t think that’s necessarily a lift because they won’t call that for others but ok
* The judges have no rights so far
* Ok Bruno you get some rights bestie!
* My brother booed tho so we stan
* Her kicks were incredible tho
* Bruno don’t make me take any of your rights away!
* Cai bout to complain just admit that you hate women already
* Sorry that she’s so good maam! You hate alan’s partners don’t you
* 33/40
* NONE OF THE MUDGES GET RIGHTS (except Bruno he has some rights)
* The votes aren’t saving too, dancing with the stars fix your stuff please

Olivia and Val
* Quickstep
* Val shut up
* Ewwww I hated that step
* I don’t like the choreography at all
* Oomf is prolly happy Amanda and Alan scored so low (not a dwts oomf btw)
* I hate this show
* 38/40
* Yeah they didn’t deserve 10s. I lowkey agree with Len but IMO Amanda and Alan were better

Iman and Dani
* Paso
* I still don’t think they deserved a perfect last week but ok
* Can he go home next please
* Thinking about how Amanda and Alan haven’t gotten a perfect score yet and I’m fuming
* Wow I think it’s the og song
* There was a lift (not sure if you can do lifts in Paso)
* Idk how I feel about it lol
* Ok cai lol
* 32/40
* Not this only being one point below Amanda and Alan

Jimmie and Emma
* Viennese Waltz
* Can they not do the dances back to back lol
* But I’m voting anyways lol
* I hate Emma’s outfit lol
* Nice extension Emma
* Feels more like a foxtrot lol
* It was good tho
* Vote for Amanda and Alan besties!
* 38/40

The Miz and Witney
* Foxtrot
* Finally he gets a softer dance lol
* Heyyyy mike’s dad
* Omggggggg he reminds me of mamma Mai 🥺
* It looked like her foot came off tho
* He’s kinda stiff
* I didn’t care for it but it wasn’t that bad
* I think he’s having plenty of fun lmao
* 32/40
* How is this only one point under amanda and Alan I can’t even

JoJo and Jenna
* Tango

* Wait let me stop voting and watch them. Nevermind I’m done voting lol
* Twitter is outraged at Amanda’s score that’s why Twitter is the superior dwts fandom
* Ion like their costumes lol
* Len will probably complain about the lil out of hold section lol
* That was really good but it’s unfortunately not my fav from her :/
* Shut up with the Amanda shade Carrie Ann
* 39/40

Suni and Sasha
* Paso
* Is tonight a double or nah
* Anyways vote for Amanda and Alan!
* Sasha looks so bad in the package oop
* Yuck this cover sucks!
* She needs to use her face more 🙁 but I understand that it’s hard for her
* I didn’t like the choreography either 🙁
* Awwwwwww poor Suni 😔 they should’ve used dress rehearsal or practice footage such to be safe just to be safe but I hope she feels better soon 🙁
* Awwww poor thing 😔🥺
* 33/40
* Ok but Amanda’s was better and got the same score
* What’ll happen if she can’t dance in the relay?

Cody and Cheryl
* Foxtrot
* I thought they were doing a Viennese waltz lmaooooo
* Awwwww we crying tonight
* Omg that’s so sad 😭😭😭
* My heart 😭😭😭
* Cheryl’s right. And she struggles with addiction so she gets it
* I wanna cry though 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭
* Cheryl’s dress is real cute tho
* Issa real cute dance :)🥰
* I agree, I think it was his best dance 🙂
* Codyyyyyyyyyyy 🥺
* 34/40
* I’m gonna say this on every dance but Amanda and Alan deserve better (I don’t disagree with Cody and Cheryl’s scores tho 🥰)

Melora and Artem
* Foxtrot
* That’s cool that her co-stars are there 🙂
* Her costume looks like a Cruella costume for Disney night 😭
* Omggggggg I see Brian and sharna lol
* Not the biggest fan of the choreography but she’s dancing very well 🙂
* But this song also doesn’t go with a foxtrot lol
* I just thought of something but I won’t say it on here 🤠
* Marie Antoinnette I can’t khfjdkskshdjakskfbdkshshakshajjsbsjskabdkahsjsb
* I want some lime chips lol
* Also yall Matteo was in the ballroom tonight I’m emotional 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭
* 36/40
* I was expecting 10s lol


Jive Relay
* Iman and Dani, Cody and Cheryl, and Mike and Witney
* Mike, Iman, Cody (order)
* Not them doing to worms package but it’s live to so there will ofc be some mistakes
* I literally don’t know who will win
* I liked Cody the best, closely followed by Iman (but I was mainly staring at dani because she’s stunning)
* Carrie Ann: Iman
* Len: Cody
* Derek: Iman
* Bruno: Cody
* Cody and Iman get 2 bonus points 🙂

Foxtrot Relay
* Jimmie and Emma, Olivia and Val, and JoJo and Jenna
* JoJo, Olivia, Jimmie (order)
* I think JoJo will win 🙂
* Omg nikki in the ballroom
* oh I didn’t
* JoJo and Jenna look so good omg Maddie and alexis trio vibesOlivia and Val’s part seemed so long lol
* I don’t like Emma’s dress lol
* I liked JoJo and Jenna the most 🙂
* Carrie Ann: Olivia
* Len: Olivia
* Derek: Olivia
* Bruno: Olivia
* Olivia gets 4 bonus points
* I really thought JoJo would win

Viennese Waltz Relay
* Amanda and Alan, Melora and Artem, and Suni and Sasha
* Amanda, Suni, Melora (order)
* Omg the sound isn’t working I can’t somebody help me
* Wait is she saying lol. Now the sound works lol
* Amanda and Alan for the win!!!!! They need the points because they were so underscored tonight!
* The hand kiss I’m on the floor (not because I ship them, it’s because it’s cute!!)
* Suni looks so pretty 🙂
* My winners are Amanda and Alan but we already knew that
* Melora’s dress omg the spinning of the dress was so pretty!
* Please don’t fall Carrie Ann
* No Len will break a hip tyra
* I’m shaking I’m so scared
* You did great Suni 🙂
* Carrie Ann: Suni
* Len: Melora
* Derek: Amanda
* Bruno: Melora
* Crack is whack judges!
* Amanda gets 1 point (😡), Suni gets 1 point, and Melora gets 2 points.

Elimination Waiting Time
* Besties it’s apparently a double elim tonight I’m gonna puke
* They can’t be doing a double elimination tonight because there’s no time 😭😭😭
* I’m gonna puke
* Prayer circle for Amanda and Alan
* I called it
* I’m shaking so bad
* Nooooooooooo
* I’m so scared
* Omg noooooooooooo
* I’m gonna cry

Bottom 2: JoJo and The Miz
* Omg not JoJo
* I need to vote for her
* Mike is going home tho
* Is Mike crying omg I’m gonna cry

Carrie Ann: JoJo
Len: JoJo by default but he would’ve saved her anyways
Derek: JoJo
Bruno: JoJo

Eliminated Couple: The Miz and Witney
* I like him but it was the right decision 🙁
* But the Twitter oomfies really jinxed it tonight 😭

Overall Thoughts
* I’m literally shaking right now
* The double elimination next week is gonna kill me
* Still shook over JoJo being in the bottom like that’s crazy
* I can’t believe I’m getting this up in a reasonable time 😭
* I hate this show sometimes

And that is the recap and my thoughts on Queen Night on dwts! Who were your favorites? Did anyone surprise you? Did JoJo being in the bottom surprise you? Let me know in the comments! As always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way! I hope you have a great day/night! -Emma 👑

Queen Night Dances!!!

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be the dances my thoughts on them for queen night! Tonight looks to be promising so hopefully it will deliver! Tonight there will also be relay dances. If you remember from last season, the relays are the same. Basically one couple will dance and then the next will pick up where they left off and so forth. I hope that makes sense! The judges will each give a point to whoever they think did the best with their relay. So enough rambling, let’s get into the dances! 🙂


Jimmie and Emma
* Viennese Waltz
* “Somebody to Love”
* Omg I feel like he’s gonna cry again this week (not that that is a bad thing I just feel like the dance will be about his wife)
* But I think this will be a good dance 🙂

JoJo and Jenna
* Tango
* “Body Language”
* Please I bet this will be amazing hehehe
* Cmon third perfect score in a row

Iman and Daniella
* Paso Doble
* “Another One Bites The Dust”
* Why do I feel like this will be a hard dance for him to master lol
* But it should be a nice dance

Olivia and Val
* Quickstep
* “Fat Bottomed Girls”
* Please my dad and brother used to play this song all of the time and it made me strongly dislike it 😭
* But this will be really good as long as oomf doesn’t screw it up 🤭

Suni and Sasha
* Paso Doble
* “We Will Rock You”
* I’m sad because unless she’s vastly improved her facials, she isn’t going to have much attack in the dance :/ but she will technically be very good probably

Melora and Artem
* Foxtrot
* “Killer Woman”
* Omg I spy a perfect score hehehehe
* But yeah they’ll do really well

Amanda and Alan
* Jive
* “Don’t Stop Me Now”
* Omg my favs have one of my fav queen songs
* The only potential issue is her super long legs but Alexis has super long legs too and she slayed all three of her jives so I’m confident that Amanda will do well
* Better get scored right this week or else tho

The Miz and Witney
* Foxtrot
* “Radio Ga Ga”
* Omg he finally has a soft dance style but if I’m not mistaken this is an upbeat song
* But he will need to fix some of his technical issues to make it great

Cody and Cheryl
* Foxtrot
* “You’re My Best Friend”
* Omg they’re talking about addiction this week and Cheryl struggles with addiction I’m gonna cry 🥺😭
* But I think they’re gonna do great with this dance! 🙂


Jive Relay
* “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
* Mike, Iman, and Cody
* I think this will be the technically worst relay but I think they will all bring the character 🙂
* My winner: Cody

Foxtrot Relay
* “Under Pressure”
* JoJo, Olivia, and Jimmie
* I think this will be really good 🙂
* But I think there’s a clear winner lol
* My winner: JoJo

Viennese Waltz Relay
* “We Are The Champions”
* Amanda, Suni, and Melora
* Omg with Melora and Amanda this will be so good!
* I think the judges might be divided with this one 👀
* My winner: Amanda

And those are dances are Queen Night tonight on dwts! Who are you guys most excited for? Who do you think will win the relays? Be sure to let me know in the comments! Also please vote for Amanda and Alan tonight and you’ll get a free cookie! As always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way! I hope you have a great day/night! – Emma 🥰

Horror Night Recap!!! 🎃👻😈🕸 (Week 6)

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is the recap of horror night on dwts! I had some commitments at 8 so I missed the opening, Mike, and Kenya’s dance/package. I found their dances but not the packages, but if I find them then I’ll add my thoughts :). Anyways let’s get into the recap!

Opening Number
* I’m not searching for this lol but let me know if it was good!
* Nevermind I think I found it on insta but it’s dumb 😭 (the one with Carrie Ann lol)
* The unsolved dance mystery thing is so predictable I can’t (it’s on YouTube idk if they showed it)

Derek’s Number
* He’s gonna get another Emmy nom!
* Omg did y’all see the dayley wedding rumor
* Also bring Hayley back to dwts challenge!
* That was incredible and so iconic!
* The dancers from his show are truly amazing
* And that’s on periodt!

The Miz and Witney
* Paso Doble
* Hellraiser
* Wait this was the package where Leo and mikes daughter met I’m weak. I’ll try and find the package but no guarantees lol 🙂
* I’m not the biggest fan of the choreography or the dance in general
* So I don’t agree with the 9s :/
* 34/40

Kenya and Brandon
* Argentine Tango
* Screaming crying throwing up because I missed their dance
* Their dance is blocked on my iPad and my phone isn’t connecting to the yt server I can’t rn
* I found it on her ig but the quality isn’t super good :/
* There were a few missteps but I think she did better than The Miz
* I’m sad she was eliminated 🥺
* 32/40

JoJo and Jenna
* Jazz
* IT
* I love that they dressed as twins 😂
* Heyyyyyy Siwa fam
* I just got off of my zoom interview so I have no idea where the shows at 😭
* This will be so good tho because she was a jazz dancer
* having nightmares for weeks
* Too much fog for my liking lol
* Great leap Jenna 🙂
* Yessssss I wanted her to do an aerial
* That was so good!!!
* I need to figure out the running order 😭
* I did see contemporary too but I forgot to mention that 🙂
* Carrie Ann I’m
* Len’s not dressed up 😔✌🏻
* Me too Derek me too
* 40/40
* periodt as they should

Cody and Cheryl
* Cha Cha
* American Psycho
* They’re cuties 🥰
* Votes aren’t saving again I’m mad
* That’s great 😂
* I didn’t realize how much I dislike cheryl’s outfit until now
* They did really good but sometimes it seemed like Cheryl dances around him :/
* Nightmare central
* 36/40
* Idk if it was 9 worthy but it was still good

Jimmie and Emma
* Contemporary
* A Quiet Place
* Kenya and Brandon got 8s I’m gonna sue omg
* My friend laughed through the sequel and I think she’s insane
* Oh wow Emma that’s amazing
* Perfect and ironic song for this dance
* That was great!
* Yee that was deep tyra
* Awwwwwwww Jimmie my heart
* Why didn’t you respect that last year tyra
* 38/40
* Technically it was a 9 but emotionally it was an 11
* Omggggggg Derek

Olivia and Val
* Paso Doble
* The Purge
* My brother and I used to joke about the purge we are such bad children
* Ugh didn’t have enough votes that’s why……… also ummmm maybe the college admissions scandal 🤷🏼‍♀️
* I’m so glad that they look normal tonight
* Queen week is next week right?
* Ewwwwww the cover
* I absolutely hate the background
* That was great!
* 36/40

Melora and Artem
* Jive
* Cujo
* Oh that’s cool 🙂
* Omg legends
* They do not look that old fit legends
* He does not look 91!
* Issa cute dance 🙂
* Don’t ever say daddy cujo again tyra
* I thought this dance was a little safe but I don’t agree that all of her dances have been safe
* 34/40
* I agree with the 9s, I didn’t think it was 8 worthy

Iman and Dani
* Contemporary
* US
* Cannot relate I hate scary movies
* The lifts are immaculate
* My face went *o*
* Oh my gosh
* I think Dani did most of the dancing tho………..
* It was not perfection but ok
* 40/40
* I’m sorry but that deserved 8 or 9s max……..
* Like the lifts were really good but idk something wasn’t there for me

Suni and Sasha
* Tango
* The Vampire Diaries
* I’m sorry but TVD isn’t a horror show
* The cover is lowkey really good
* I know it’s hard, but she needs to work on emoting more
* Omg love that for her
* 36/40

Amanda and Alan
* Argentine Tango
* Omgggggggg I didn’t even realize that they’re next eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
* Please Alan’s said that this is his hardest choreography ever I’m gonna pass out
* Also this is one of his fav dances ever so double the passing out
* But I absolutely despise their makeup and costumes like do they want me to have nightmares
* Alan is the Argentine tango king
* I gave my babies lots of votes and hopefully y’all did too
* I wanna watch Kenya and Brandon’s dance so bad
* Im exciteddddddddddddd
* Derek don’t be a roach this week challenge
* Im shaking I’m so excited
* Please I need to charge my iPad but I can’t until after the show
* I’m gonna pass out
* Jumping
* Omgggggggggg that’s fun
* Same girl same
* I’m uncomfortable
* Alan you better not lie to her
* What’s Elvis gonna wear I’m so excited
* Omggggggggg Alan please go with Elvis and Amanda I’ll pass out 🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭
* MaKe It HaPpEn
* You can do it bestie you got this
* Alan get new shoes challenge
* OnE mOrE tImE renten tingz
* Let’s go babies
* Alan the choreography king
* The footworkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
* I’m passed out on the floor
* I’m still mad Derek!
* I just noticed her chin I wanna kilometer per second
* Shut the duck up Carrie Ann that was a perfect dance
* What the actual freak Len
* The judges get no rights
* I’m so mad
* 38/40

Elimination Waiting Time
* My fav time 🤩
* Booooooooooooooooooooooo
* Good I love them
* Noooooooooo we’re gonna have a good final two
* Frick everyone left is really good
* I hate this show

Bottom 2: Suni and Kenya
* Awwwww nooooooooo Kenya’s gonna go home 😭😭😭

Carrie Ann: Suni
Bruno: Suni
Derek: Suni
Len: Suni by default but he would’ve saved them anyways

Elimination Couple: Kenya and Brandon
* Screaming crying throwing up
* I’m mad
* I love these guys 🥺
* Yeah I thought it was queen week night week lol
* Kenya looks so sad 🥺😭

Overall Thoughts
* I’m only kinda surprised that Suni was in the bottom.
* The double elims in the quarter and semis are gonna hurt 🙁
* I hated most of the makeup 🤩
* I hate dwts tiktok too omg they wild
* I’m gonna get cancelled for my opinions omg

And that is my recap and thoughts on horror night on dwts! Who was your favorite and least favorite? Do you think Kenya should have gone home? Let me know in the comments! As always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way! I hope you have a great day/night! – Emma 😈

Horror Night Dances!!!

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be the dance for tonight’s horror night on dwts! I’m mad because I have to miss the first part of the show but I will go on YouTube and find the dances that I missed to recap them (I’ll try and find packages too but idk if I’ll be able to). Also I don’t like horror movies so this night is extremely out of y, element but as long as things aren’t too bad I’ll be ok! 😂 Let’s get on with the dances!

Olivia and Val
* Paso Doble
* “Beggin” by Måneskin
* The Purge
* Please this is a perfect Paso song and they’re gonna do amazing I know it!

Amanda and Alan
* Argentine Tango
* “Paint It, Black” by Ciara
* Please Alan said that this is the hardest dance he’s ever choreographed and that it’s one of his fav dances I’m not ready 😭😭😭
* This is gonna snap so hard it will be my fav dance of the night for sure! I love my team 🥺

JoJo and Jenna
* Jazz
* “Anything Goes” by District 78 and Patrice Covington
* IT
* Please I’m so excitedddddddd
* JoJo was literally a jazz dancer so this will snap
* Also the way I my 3 fav dances (probably) are the first 3 in the press release 😌

Suni and Sasha
* Tango
* “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran
* The Vampire Diaries
* Ok I’ve never watched TVD but I don’t think it’s a horror movie 😭
* But this should be pretty good!

Melora and Artem
* Jive
* “Hound Dog” by Elvis Pressley
* Cujo
* Please hound dog is a perfect jive song and this is random but my choir sung this in like 7th grade lol
* But I think this will be a great dance!

Jimmie and Emma
* Contemporary
* “Say Something” by Daniel Jang
* A Quiet Place
* Ooooo I think that this will be really good! I hope that she has great choreography because that will make the dance even better!

Iman and Dani
* Contemporary
* “I Got 5 On It” by Luniz and Michael Marshall
* US
* Ok so Iman doesn’t have the best technique and the height difference might make this dance not be as good as some other dances :/ but I think that Dani will serve with her choreography 💅🏻

The Miz and Witney
* Paso Doble
* “Wicked Games” by RAIGN
* Hellraiser
* I could see this dance going really well or not so well :/ but I think witney will do well with the choreography 🙂

Cody and Cheryl
* Cha Cha
* “There Will Be Blood” by Kim Petras
* American Psycho
* So I’m afraid that he might not do well with cha Cha but he’s been improving so I think he’s gonna do well 🙂

Kenya and Brandon
* Argentine Tango
* “Take My Breath” by The Weeknd
* Arachnophobia
* Omg they’re gonna snap hehehehehehe
* Brandon will have great choreography too so I’m excited! Vote for miss Kenya and Amanda and JoJo please!

And those are the dances and my thoughts on the dances for horror night tonight! Who are you most excited for! I’m looking forward to Amanda, JoJo, Kenya, and Olivia! Let me know who you are excited for in the comments! As always, remember to wear a mask, get vaccinated if you aren’t already, and use your voice in a positive way! I hope you have a great day/night! – Emma 🥰

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